How does it work?

As avid daters we know most of the conversation occurs off of your apps via text messaging. This is where the confusion and sometimes fear begins.


If you like how the conversation is going, you can easily add your match to the My Little Black Book app by adding a contact and their contact information will populate automatically. You pick how you met to keep track of which match came from which social/dating app, or out and about location and add notes to avoid any embarrassing confusing moments again! It's like your digital dairy for each match across ALL of your platforms!

Date Status

Place your potential match into one of our patent pending date status buckets and rate your dates. Sometimes we are looking for love, or we just want to have fun! Other dates are hard no's. With My Little Black Book you can organize your connections by status and keep track on your scoreboard. You can move your match contacts in between buckets at any time. 


My Little Black Book will populate your connection with their information into an easy to use contact list where you can view your connections by app, date status, or name.  You will even be able to view potentials by scoreboard to keep track of YOUR best dates with real time metrics for you by you. We make managing and setting dates as easy as a click of a button.

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With our patent pending calendar system, you can make a date using one of our partnerships for dinner powered by OpenTable to dine out or go to a local event using our Ticketmaster partnership. Staying out? You can use our affiliate to make a reservation all through the MLBB app!  My Little Black Book will send a text with details of the reservation to you! We also have AMAZING safety features that are native to MLBB along with in app purchases features available to give you an extra layer of protection.