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Dating Made Easy



My Little Black Book offers multiple safety dating features and an integrated calendar with features to organize dates by apps, date status, and names.  My Little Black Book allows users to set dates in real-time at restaurants through our OpenTable partner or local events through our Ticketmaster partnership, all with the click of a button.



My Little Black Book is a  dating safety app and an online dating organization app for mobile devices that serves as an instant connection to funnel all of your dates by social/dating apps and out-and-about dates onto a single user-friendly platform. My Little Black Book offers date status and safety features along with actual time date setting at some of your favorite restaurants with our OpenTable partnership and local hot spots with our Ticketmaster partnerships. Are you staying out? Book with our affiliate partner! We are here to make your dating life easier by helping to organize your dates with a one-stop shop integrated scheduler and organizer.



My Little Black Book has a unique design, including cutting-edge safety features and alerts, rate your date scoreboard, and an integrated calendar for date reservations through our OpenTable partnership and local events dates through our Ticketmaster partnership. Want to stay out? Book with our affiliate! This allows users to experience the enjoyment of dating without the confusion while feeling safer using our built-in safety features in addition to our in-app safety features for purchase.  


Date More, Stress Less

My Little Black Book was created by dating app users for dating app users. Our vision is to help users navigate their online dates by keeping track of them through a one-stop-shop site, making dating on multiple sites easy, organized, safer, and fun!


It's what you've been asking for

My Little Black Book offers an innovative way to solve four common user complaints.

  • I don't feel safe!

  • It's hard to keep track! 

  • It's too overwhelming!

  • Confusion with which user is from which site. 


My Little Black Book solves all the complaints, making it safer, fun and easy to be on as many apps as you want without being overwhelmed!

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